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January 18, 2020

Note: Justice Talking's grant funding expired in 2008 and the project has been closed. This website is an archive of the entire run of Justice Talking shows through June 30, 2008.
It is no longer being maintained. We apologize for any stale or broken links.
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Fighting Terrorism at Home
Should the FBI Investigate Activists?
Last Featured: 2/5/2006

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Note: Justice Talking ceased production on June 30 of 2008. Link information on this site is not maintained and is provided for historical interest only. Although correct when posted, The Annenberg Public Policy Center makes no claim as the the accuracy or continued availability of any third party web links found on this site.

The nation’s awareness and concern about terrorism has led to a raft of investigations, criminal prosecutions and new laws directed at domestic terrorists. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has targeted animal rights crusaders and members of the Environmental Liberation Front. Recent news reports reveal that the FBI has infiltrated anti-war groups in search of terrorist plots, although even the FBI admits the groups’ activities were peaceful. On this week’s Justice Talking, we’ll look at whether the war on terror is giving government license to clamp down on legitimate dissent and non-violent protest.

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Justice Talking’s last broadcast & podcast was June 30, 2008.
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