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January 26, 2020

Note: Justice Talking's grant funding expired in 2008 and the project has been closed. This website is an archive of the entire run of Justice Talking shows through June 30, 2008.
It is no longer being maintained. We apologize for any stale or broken links.
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Photo by: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
Hurricane Katrina’s Blow to the Justice System
Last Featured: 10/24/2005

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Every aspect of New Orleans life was affected by Hurricane Katrina, including the justice system. Evidence has been destroyed, legal documents have been damaged, courthouses were flooded and lawyers and judges have left the city. How can the justice system get back to normal when the city has been so profoundly devastated? And what lawsuits will result from the mayhem of this massive disaster?

The Honorable Carolyn Deen King is the chief judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Richard Scruggs is a Mississippi lawyer who played a major role in that state’s litigation to recover public health care expenditures from the tobacco industry.

Julie Rochman is the senior vice president of public affairs at the American Insurance Association.

Richard Samp is chief counsel of the Washington Legal Foundation.

Kenneth Feinberg is special master of the Federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

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