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January 18, 2020

Note: Justice Talking's grant funding expired in 2008 and the project has been closed. This website is an archive of the entire run of Justice Talking shows through June 30, 2008.
It is no longer being maintained. We apologize for any stale or broken links.
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Health Care for All?
Last Featured: 11/8/2004

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Note: Justice Talking ceased production on June 30 of 2008. Link information on this site is not maintained and is provided for historical interest only. Although correct when posted, The Annenberg Public Policy Center makes no claim as the the accuracy or continued availability of any third party web links found on this site.

Mention the words "national health care" and free market advocates recoil with visions of creeping socialism and a costly bureaucracy that threatens to undermine the quality of care that we in this nation have come to enjoy. Reformers remind us, however, that this quality of care is not enjoyed by all – certainly not the 43 million Americans who lack health insurance. With AARP membership growing faster than MTV audiences, health care continues to top the chart of election issues about which Americans care most, but understand little about the competing proposals promising affordable, accessible health care for all.

Michael Tanner directs research on new, market-based approaches to health, welfare and other "entitlements" for the Cato Institute. Under Tanner's direction, Cato launched the Project on Social Security Choice which is widely considered the leading impetus for transforming the system into a private savings program. Tanner's writing has been published in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC and Voice of America. Tanner served as director of research of the Georgia Public Policy Foundation before joining Cato in 1993.

Mark A. Goldberg is Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy at the National Coalition on Health Care and Vice Chairman of the Climate Institute. Previously, Goldberg taught at the Yale School of Management and has been a consultant to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Brookings Institution; the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; the Center for Studying Health System Change; and the Annenberg Rural Challenge. He served in the Carter administration and has published articles in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Yale Law Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Closing Quote
"He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."

— Thomas Carlyle

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Justice Talking’s last broadcast & podcast was June 30, 2008.
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