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June 18, 2018

Note: Justice Talking's grant funding expired in 2008 and the project has been closed. This website is an archive of the entire run of Justice Talking shows through June 30, 2008.
It is no longer being maintained. We apologize for any stale or broken links.
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A Just War?
Last Featured: 4/14/2003

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“Never before, in the history of the world, has there been a global, visible, public, viable, open dialogue … about the very legitimacy of war.” So said Dr. Robert Muller, former assistant secretary general of the United Nations, in a recent speech. President Bush and his allies say the cause is just, but critics answer that a just cause is not the same as a just war. Greek and Roman philosophers were the first to develop just war theories centuries ago and theologians, the military, diplomats and others still debate it today. In this special edition of Justice Talking we’ll look at the current conflict in Iraq and ask, is this a just war?

Tanya Gilly is a Kurd from Northern Iraq who comes from a family of political activists opposed to Saddam Hussein’s rule. Her father was arrested on several occasions for his resistance activities, and the family was forced to flee Iraq in the1970s. Ms. Gilly has worked for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, one of the two parties that governs the Kurdish safe haven. A member of Women for a Free Iraq, she is dedicated to advancing democracy and pluralism in a free Iraq.

Dr. Sarah Zaidi is the research director of the Center for Economic and Social Rights, an international human rights organization based in New York City. She is the co-author of the report, "The Human Costs of War in Iraq," issued in February following a CESR research visit to Iraq. The report warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the event of war and outlined likely failures of water and sewage systems, as is now occurring in Basra. She has conducted fact-finding missions to Iraq since the first Gulf War in 1991.

Closing Quote
"After each war, there is a little less democracy to save."

— Brooks Atkinson

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