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June 18, 2018

Note: Justice Talking's grant funding expired in 2008 and the project has been closed. This website is an archive of the entire run of Justice Talking shows through June 30, 2008.
It is no longer being maintained. We apologize for any stale or broken links.
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Swap or Steal: The Fate of Napster
Last Featured: 10/2/2000

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Note: Justice Talking ceased production on June 30 of 2008. Link information on this site is not maintained and is provided for historical interest only. Although correct when posted, The Annenberg Public Policy Center makes no claim as the the accuracy or continued availability of any third party web links found on this site.

Is Napster an electronic Robin Hood, taking money from record companies and bestowing free music upon the masses, or does it violate musicians` rights to control their intellectual property? Listen as the experts debate the controversy that has pitted musician against musician and CD against hard drive.

Steven Metalitz , since 1994, has served as General Counsel of the International Intellectual Property Alliance, an industry trade coalition that works for stronger copyright protections. Before that, Metalitz was the General Counsel of the Information Industry Association, directing the trade association's government relations program. In addition, Mr. Metalitz has served as Chief Counsel of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Patents, Copyright and Trademarks. He currently teaches copyright law at the George Washington University Law School in Washington DC.

Eben Moglen is a Professor of Law and Legal History at Columbia Law School where he has taught since 1987. A former Law Clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Moglen is the General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation, which encourages the manufacture of high-quality software that can be freely modified and redistributed by its users. No stranger to technology, Moglen began working as a professional computer programmer at the age of thirteen. He has worked at IBM as a developer of advanced programming language products and also as an attorney.

Closing Quote
"Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be touched. . . . But I know also that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind... as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors."

— Thomas Jefferson

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Justice Talking’s last broadcast & podcast was June 30, 2008.
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